Welcome to official website for The City of Calgary Leagues.



Our Vision - Calgary: a great place to make a living, a great place to make a life.

Our Common Purpose: Making life better every day! We make a difference by contributing to people's well-being - their comfort, security and satisfaction with life in our city - and ensuring a high standard of quality of life for our residents. We also make a difference by bringing "life" to new ideas, creativity and innovation to our work, and energy and enthusiasm in our approach to public service. These values are reflected in our approach to sport, community and having fun!

Our Culture, leadership, services and corporate strategy demonstrates who we are as an organization. Our common purpose and shared values are key to helping us make life better every day.

Our Leagues are a place where people come to collaborate, to cooperate, have fun and to build together towards a better life.

Our Goal – providing healthy choices for a healthy Calgary